Animal Bedding (Organic)

Put in Green Waste Bin

Acceptable Bedding Types

These include:

  • Natural bedding such as sawdust shavings, shredded paper, straw or hay.
  • Soiled bedding from vegetarian, plant-eating animals (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats).
  • Reptile and bird bedding (including natural chicken nesting material).

Bedding From a Meat-Eating Animal? Do Not Compost

Bedding and waste from a meat-eating animal potentially contains dangerous organisms that do not break down during the composting process. Place in garbage instead.

Pet Waste Is Not Compost / Green Waste

These animal by-products should go in your garbage:

Ways to Reuse

Use as Landscape Mulch

Unused natural animal bedding can be used as landscape mulch or garden fertilizer.