Alternative ways to recycle
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Alternative Ways to Recycle

Clean Wave Program

Matter of Trust’s Clean Wave program will accept hair that is at least three inches or longer. This program uses donated hair to absorb the oil from oil spills and common motor oil contamination.

Locks of Love

Donate your hair to Locks of Love, a national charity that make hairpieces for children in need. Children with severe hair loss apply for these hairpieces and pay for them on a sliding pay scale, which is based on financial need. Find out how to get involved.

The Wig Exchange

Gently used wigs can be sent to The Wig Exchange; they are an organization that gives donated wigs to women undergoing chemotherapy.

Ways to Reduce

Compost Your Hair

Hair that is not long enough to be donated can be composted. If hair ends up in waste piles, it will probably be burned and release toxic gases, which are damaging to the environment and human health over time.

Ways to Reuse

Give It to the Birds

Birds will use hair to make their nests. If you leave hair out in the backyard for a few days they’ll likely use it. This is a great option for animal hair, as well.

Did You Know?

Hair Can Be Turned into a Biofuel

Human hair, as well as other fibers like chicken feathers, can be broken down and processed into bioplastics and biofuel. Designer Thomas Vailly created a human hair bioplastic that “resembles leather” and could be a useful alternative to other single-use plastics. Read more.