Alternative ways to recycle
Take to Landfill

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Donate to RERIP

RERIP accepts old surfboards, refurbishes them, sells them or donates to schools, nonprofits, and people in need. Unrideable and broken boards are used by artists and do-it-yourselfers to create unique art pieces. Find out where you can donate your board.

Ways to Reduce

Purchase a Secondhand Surfboard

Surfboards are difficult to recycle, so consider purchasing a gently used board. BoardRecycler is a site that has online listings of surfboards for sale. Find out more about BoardRecycler.

Pick Ecofriendly Materials

Most surfboards are made from fiberglass and polyurethane foam, which are toxic materials that can pollute the water and soil. Look for an ecofriendly board made from biodegradable material, like balsa wood, agave, bamboo or soy.

Did You Know?

Measurable Carbon Footprint

Over 600 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions are produced during a shortboard’s life cycle. This life cycle accounts for CO2 emitted during manufacturing, repairs, and disposal of the board. According to the EPA calculator, the CO2 from a single board’s life cycle is the same as burning over 290 pounds of coal.

The Quest for an Eco-Friendly Board