Alternative ways to recycle
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Wetsuits Are Made of Neoprene

Neoprene is a synthetic type of rubber made from petroleum. Neoprene is not recyclable, so it must be repurposed, upcycled or thrown away.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Upcycle Old Wetsuits

There are many organizations that will upcycle your old wetsuit into new products, including Suga, Green Guru, Enjoy Handplanes, Lava Rubber and KASSIA+SURF. Patagonia will repair or recycle any wetsuits bought specifically from them.

Ways to Reuse

Donate Your Old Wetsuit

Donate a wetsuit in usable condition to a local thrift store or a group such as AmpSurf, which runs adaptive surf clinics for disabled veterans, adults and children.

DIY Projects

Old wetsuits can be used to make cases for laptops, camera gear, glasses and fins, and other items such as mouse pads and drink koozies.